Ways to Record Your Special Moments With Your Children

I was super lucky to be given one of these beautiful family notebooks from the lovely Jo at  ‘i did i love i am’.

I totally loved it as I am the sort of person that always thinks I should be writing special things down that Samuel says or does, then I would promptly forget!

‘i did i love i am’ is a family notebook to record the awesome things kids say and keep them noted safely forever. It is a way to remember your days, special trips, holidays, family and birthdays through the eyes of your child, as well as providing a space to write down the quirky lovable things they say. It is designed to capture those enchanting imaginations that will never be the same again.

There are 10 fun sections to complete together promoting self-worth, family time, quiet time and the ability to share and reflect together.

Samuel absolutely loved it. At 6 years young, his favourite part of the journal was answering the questions!

Q: Why did Mummy marry Daddy A: (from Samuel) Because Mummy looked beautiful! Awwww brownie points there buddy!

Q: Who is the Boss of the World  A: Dad! (ummm hello!).

Its a great chance to spend some quality time with your little one by asking them all sorts of questions, and seeing what is important to them in their wee eyes.  Some of their answers may surprise you.

With its bright illustrations and beautifully thought out categories, this is a must have for all families.  It also makes a wonderful unique gift for those families that are really hard to buy for!

We are heading off on holiday tomorrow and Samuels notebook will be packed along side to capture those special moments.

You can purchase your own notebook right here! 

And head to our FB page to go into the draw to win your very own notebook.

This will be fun, ask your little one the same questions above and leave a comment below with their answer.

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