Travelling with Toddlers

Samuel in Phuket

Travelling with Toddlers

With many of us making the most of the last week of August, Rosie, one of the founders of Doddl shares top tips for making life easier when travelling with a toddler.  Definitely pop in your Doddl cutlery into your suitcase as you want to keep things as consistent as you can when you get to your destination.

Snacks – Take plenty of them! Ideally ones that don’t make too much mess! Raisins, bread sticks, crudities such as cucumber sticks are ideal, and don’t forget drinks!

Toys – a small selection of toddler’s favourite small toys. Cards, books, etcher-sketch are ideal – basically anything that doesn’t make too much mess!  It is worth investing in a lap activity tray with edges, especially the ones designed for car seats.  These are great to allow toddlers / pre-schoolers to busy themselves with puzzles, drawing and games and helps keep everything contained. All singing all dancing lap trays or simply a baking tray, plastic box lid or a high chair tray will do the job!

Naps – it’s not always possible, but if you can try to time long car journeys or flights to coincide with your little one’s normal nap routine, it will make the journey much easier for you and your toddler, and will help ease meltdowns and cranky children when you reach your destination!

Technology – I know it is frowned upon to stick your child in front of a tablet or handheld device to keep them quiet. I even found myself judging parents that did this before I had children of my own! As a parent on a packed flight, there is nothing worse than a screaming child, and as a parent you can feel everyone glaring at you to keep control of your little monster. So if Peppa Pig or the Teletubbies is going to keep them quiet and entertained just go with it and don’t torture yourself by resisting! An hour or two of extra screen time isn’t going to ruin them for life and it may be your lifesaver! And don’t forget to download their favourite programmes before you travel. Audio books and nursery rhyme playlists are also a great way keep little ones entertained on long journeys.

Make flying easier…Try to travel light! Easier said than done with a toddler!  If you can take one max sized cabin bag with all your essentials it is so much easier than battling with a toddler and armfuls of hand luggage. Give them their own bag to wheel, carry or pull – they will love copying you pulling your cases along, but be mindful of the point above as you will end up carrying it onto the plane! Trunki and Litelife bags are fantastic and often come with straps so you pull along or keep hold of your toddler –  great in a packed airport!

Thanks so much Rosie, and a couple of tips from me… I never forget the trusty ole Baby Shusher.  Yip Samuel still uses it now and again as he is such an active wee boy during the day and I find it really helps to wind him down at the end of a long hard day of playing!  AND you would never guess how many times I have saved stressed out mums and dads on planes by helping them with their overtired little babies and toddlers when they wont settle. Yes call me the ultimate shusher pusher right!!!

Smaller sized containers containing all of your babies essentials are also handy such as this all organic Summer travel pack from Little Innoscents.

Plus take a look at our Fly Legs Up for Adults and Children. These handy hammocks makes flying economy feel like business class!

Safe travels everyone – Let me know if you have any great tips for travelling with little ones in the comments below.

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