Thank you so much ♥. We just received the parcel and Levi opened it up straight away and gave it a cuddle then hoped on the couch for a sleep. Beautifully packaged too 🙂

Michelle Cutler, Auckland

Just wanted to say I’m glad to see you’re bringing these to the NZ market.

I bought my now 2 and a half year old twins some similar devices when they were bubs…and it was a really an awesome investment (even though I had to pay shipping from the US).

They were brilliant because the babies were able to hold the soft toy much earlier than they could have held the dummy. Which meant they were able to self soothe themselves back to sleep much earlier. Having a soft toy attached, also made finding the dummy easier (when it got lost in the bed or had fallen on the floor). But most importantly for us, it made weaning off the dummy much less stressful as the babies still had a familiar toy to cuddle (and associate sleep with).

I would recommend them to anyone!

Krystal Makiha, Auckland

 I need to post OMG….I am amazed at our Sleepytot we recently bought for our “3am/4am/5am/6am” waking baby…..first night with Sleepytot in with her & boom, resettled self and slept till 7am…..WOW! That was 4 nights ago & it has continued (bar a couple of waking’s last night, but she’s teething) and long may it continue. THANK YOU!!!!!

Helen, New Zealand

Super fast delivery!!! Got our Sleepytot last week and my son loved it instantly. No more crying out for lost dummy in the middle of the night, he just loves it 😉

Highly recommend!!

Sarah Kershaw, New Zealand

My Daughter loves her sleepytot and loved it from day one. She use to wake during the night when she couldn’t find her dummy and it was usually on the floor, now she just feels around for her cuddly sleepytot and falls back to sleep. 🙂

Definitely recommend to all 

Briget, New Zealand

My daughter LOVES her Sleepytot!! And I love it because I no longer have to find her dummy for her!! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who uses a dummy!!

I would also thoroughly recommend the Baby Sleep Consultant! Thanks to her, we now have a 7 month old who sleeps 12 hours at night!

Tamryn, Christchurch

Our wee princess had reflux and needed a dummy to settle at night.

When she woke during the night she would scream for her dummy so in and out of the room we would go…all night! Since her sleepytot arrived she still wakes but is able to find her sleepytot and dummy and settle herself…now we all sleep well, thank you.

Daniel and Claire, Christchurch

Millie and sleepytot

Little Millie with her Sleepytot.


Holly's baby

Highly recommend sleepytots, my boy is a big dummy fan, and we are in the process of weaning him of it through the day, and so far he is happy to play with his sleepytot and spends less time with the dummy in his mouth. We to were forever having to put his dummy back in his mouth at night, due to him not being able to find it, since having the sleepytot i have not had to go in at night.

Thank you for such a great product

Holly, Northland

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