My little man Xavier sure love his Sleepytots sleep friend. Bedtime is soooo easy with him. Cheers guys

Craig Kershaw, New Zealand

I bought two Sleepytots, a small and a large.

Both of my little ones are quite different with one being right into her dummies and the other not taking one at all. They both love them! One wears a dummy on each paw and the other one is squeezed to death every night and the smile on her face when I hand it to her in her cot is priceless! They have just the right amount of filling so they aren’t too heavy and very huggable for little arms and hands.I will be back for more and if not for my own little ones, then definitely for Baby Shower gifts, the packaging is adorable! Thank you!

Michelle, Australia

Miss 18 months sleep had definitely improved after getting the Sleepytot we had a run of nearly a week of nights without her joining us in the middle of the night, with her sleeping through consistently for the first time in about a year so off to a winning start.

She has her moments where she gets upset with having to share her dummy with the sleepytot and asks for me to take it off. Unfortunately the Velcro loops aren’t long enough to attach to the cot so like everything else often ends up on the floor so still have to do the dummy retrieval. I normally try to keep dummy limited to bedtime/naptime but she does look cute wandering around with the dummy and a little bunny hanging from her mouth on the odd occasion (especially with her having had a tummy bug and being bit sad from the after effects and from teething over the last week). Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial.  I’m hoping she will grow to love him even more and that the eventual transition off her dummy will be much easier with her new friend in tow.

Kidspot review, New Zealand

My little man (7 months) loves his sleepytot, he now will not go to sleep without it.

He doesn’t use a dummy so uses the ears to chew on when he needs comfort.  Also with him teething I’ve been able to put two hard plastic rings on its feet so he has something hard to chew on.

I love watching my little man crawling round the room with his sleeytot perched in his mouth going everywhere with him. I also love the fact its small and lightweight which makes it a breeze to take with you when your out and about. I would highly recommend this product to everyone 🙂

Guest Member,Kidspot, New Zealand

Thank you so much for sending my son a Sleepytot to review.  He is 2.5years old and is constantly losing his dummy in his bed.

We had the odd night where the dummy would stay on the Sleepytot and that was great – but my son is very strong and we have had a couple of nights where somehow he has managed to pull his dummy off the Sleepytot lol.  But he does love it – gives it lots of cuddles so I am hoping Sleepytot will be his new ‘blankie’.

And it is nice and reassuring that the Sleepytot is safe as my son loves to hold him close to his face as he sleeps 🙂

jjsmum, Kidspot review, New Zealand

Well, my nearly 8 month old Lachlan was quite excited when he received his new cuddly toy. It has a lovely soft feel so he instantly began rubbing it against his face.

I loved the fact that I could Velcro the sleepytot onto the cot because I’m not too confident with him having loose items with him yet. I attached the dummy to the Velcro strip which at this stage has only made it easy for me to find it in the dark because he hasn’t quite worked out how to put the dummy into his mouth yet…he seems to prefer to throw it!

Recently he had a cold and rather than use a large pillow it has been great to lay this cushioned sleepytot under his head which he seems to enjoy! A great idea with the Velcro straps to make it easy to attach to Lachies backpack for walks so he can’t lose his toys and dummy!Loving it so thank you sleepytots 

ZoeA, Kidspot Review New Zealand

Was super excited to get home to a parcel at the door with a sleepytot for Miss nearly 18 months to try and just in time for her afternoon nap too!

Its so cute and snuggly and she was keen to give him a little cuddle straight out of the box.  She wasn’t so impressed when I attached her dummy to it  tho, so for a start I decided to get out a 2nd dummy for her so she had one attached to the sleepytot and one loose.  She was much happier with this plan and happily settled in her bed with both dummies and a new snuggly toy.

Will keep you posted.Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial, he is a very welcome addition to our family!  So hoping for easier nights to come.

Skeetylee, Kidspot Review, New Zealand

My daughter is 7 months old and has always had a dummy when she goes to sleep.  It has been a bit of a pain as we generally have to replace it in her mouth four or five times before she will go to sleep – mainly because, once she loses it, she finds it very hard to locate and replace herself.

I was very close to the point of taking it off her… But I know that she is comforted by it and I’d rather her suck on a dummy than her fingers. Anyway, I attached it to her sleepytot last night and it was amazing!! Not once did I have to go in to find her dummy!! AND this morning when I went in to get her up, she was waiting in bed and having a cuddle with it! So cute!!

I would definitely recommend this to other mums who are happy for their child to have a dummy yet sick of trying to find it at night 

Thank you so much for sending me one to trial! It’s amazing that such a small thing can make such a big difference to our sleep routines!Now I just need to buy a second one so that we can wash the first one occasionally!

Tam31, Kidspot Review, New Zealand

My son LOVES his sleepytot and I finally have sleep as he can find dummy and put back into his mouth himself.  What a great idea.Thanks sleepytots x

Keli, New Zealand

My Daughter loves her sleepytot and loved it from day one.

She use to wake during the night when she couldn’t find her dummy and it was usually on the floor, now she just feels around for her cuddly sleepytot and falls back to sleep.

Bridget, New Zealand

Miss 9 months loves her sleepytot. She cuddles it to sleep while sucking her dummy 

Michelle Green, New Zealand

Super fast delivery!!! Got our Sleepytot last week and my son loved it instantly. No more crying out for lost dummy in the middle of the night, he just loves it  Highly recommend!!

Sarah Kershaw, New Zealand

We love our bunny! He is fast becoming the new favourite sleep time toy. I love the security of being able to attach him to the pram when we are out!

Abby Smeaton, New Zealand

So, night times Are a bit of a pain in the bum with my little dummy lover, cause the cot eats the dummies at night, and I go into hot sweats running around the house to find a dummy for Miss Bowie that has woken for it!

Then I heard about the Sleepytot bunny that teaches bub to find their own dummy at night.

We got our Sleepytot about a week ago, and right from the minute I opened the box Bowie fell in LOVE! It has been dragged around the house for the past week!

It has helped so much at night, although she hasn’t quite learnt to find the dummy held by the sleepytot yet, but it sure makes it easier for me to find!! Such a great little invention! A big 10/10 from Noah & Bowie.

An update! Bowie has grown so attached to her bunny over the last couple weeks! She even has breakfast with her thought I’d share this pic and say another big thank you!! X

Mandy Price, New Zealand

I was in Pukekohe yesterday and saw a little boy walking down the the street crying his heart out behind his mum, BUT he still had his “Sleepy Tot” on hand….

Alisdair Aylwin, Auckland

Sam just loves his new sleeping buddy!!! Thanks !

Rebecca Podmore, Christchurch

Thank you so much ♥. We just received the parcel and Levi opened it up straight away and gave it a cuddle then hoped on the couch for a sleep. Beautifully packaged too 🙂

Michelle Cutler, Auckland

Just wanted to say I’m glad to see you’re bringing these to the NZ market.

I bought my now 2 and a half year old twins some similar devices when they were bubs…and it was a really an awesome investment (even though I had to pay shipping from the US).

They were brilliant because the babies were able to hold the soft toy much earlier than they could have held the dummy. Which meant they were able to self soothe themselves back to sleep much earlier. Having a soft toy attached, also made finding the dummy easier (when it got lost in the bed or had fallen on the floor). But most importantly for us, it made weaning off the dummy much less stressful as the babies still had a familiar toy to cuddle (and associate sleep with).

I would recommend them to anyone!

Krystal Makiha, Auckland

 I need to post OMG….I am amazed at our Sleepytot we recently bought for our “3am/4am/5am/6am” waking baby…..first night with Sleepytot in with her & boom, resettled self and slept till 7am…..WOW! That was 4 nights ago & it has continued (bar a couple of waking’s last night, but she’s teething) and long may it continue. THANK YOU!!!!!

Helen, New Zealand

Super fast delivery!!! Got our Sleepytot last week and my son loved it instantly. No more crying out for lost dummy in the middle of the night, he just loves it 😉

Highly recommend!!

Sarah Kershaw, New Zealand

My Daughter loves her sleepytot and loved it from day one. She use to wake during the night when she couldn’t find her dummy and it was usually on the floor, now she just feels around for her cuddly sleepytot and falls back to sleep. 🙂

Definitely recommend to all 

Briget, New Zealand

My daughter LOVES her Sleepytot!! And I love it because I no longer have to find her dummy for her!! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who uses a dummy!!

I would also thoroughly recommend the Baby Sleep Consultant! Thanks to her, we now have a 7 month old who sleeps 12 hours at night!

Tamryn, Christchurch

Our wee princess had reflux and needed a dummy to settle at night.

When she woke during the night she would scream for her dummy so in and out of the room we would go…all night! Since her sleepytot arrived she still wakes but is able to find her sleepytot and dummy and settle herself…now we all sleep well, thank you.

Daniel and Claire, Christchurch

Millie and sleepytot

Little Millie with her Sleepytot.


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