What is this TOG rating you speak of?

So, what does TOG actually stand for? TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’. It is a measure of thermal resistance of a unit of area, also known as thermal insulance. Essentially it is a measurement that can show how much … Read More

Why some parents don’t swaddle their baby.

We love the combination of the swaddle & Baby Shusher and here’s some very interesting information about swaddling and why mums quite often don’t swaddle. Swaddling:  Helps babies with Colic Helps to settle Eases Fussiness For ANY Baby Helps Baby … Read More

Is the Swaddle Getting A Bad Wrap?

Here is a great blog from ErgoPouch about the swaddle.  Trends seem to change so often; one day swaddling is in the other it’s out! In 2012 a study was published looking at the traditional straight-leg swaddling model in neonatal … Read More