Review of The Indee Watch

Review of The Indee Watch

I have to admit when I saw this watch on my NZ business page I was very excited!  Now, I can’t lie. Our family is a little obsessed with new gadgets.

I blame my hubby, who HAS to have ever gadget known to mankind to make our lives ‘easier’.

So after speaking to Kirsten, the owner of The Indeee Watch, right here in New Zealand, I was thrilled when she offered me a watch for my son Samuel to wear and to review.

Samuel (6 years old) was VERY excited to receive his watch.  We chose the blue colour, but the watch also comes in white, pink, and yellow.

Prior to receiving the watch we received an email containing very clear instructions on how to set up the Indee Watch.

We had a question at one stage that was answered super quickly by the Indee  Team via email and that is the beauty of buying in NZ!  The customer service provided was brilliant.

Samuel has been wearing the watch now for a good few months. I can honestly say he loves it.

At first it was a novelty and I would get phone calls when he was with his Dad down one end of the Warehouse when I was down the other!   He loved showing his friends of course; they could not believe that he was talking to his mum on his watch!

Now, my Samuel is the sort of kid that gets very panicky if I am ever late picking him up from school. He will get terribly upset if I am not waiting at his classroom door the moment he walks out. Now that he wears the watch, on the odd occasion I have been stuck in traffic I have called him to tell him to play in the school playground for 5 minutes and that I am on my way. He is absolutely okay with this – yay!

I think the true benefits of the watch will start to show as Samuel gets older and a little more independent. At the moment he does tend to stick to us like glue but I know there will come a time where he will want to go for a scooter with his friends down to the local park (cue the panicky mum!).

I also love the fact that it’s got built in GPS. Thankfully we haven’t had to use it yet! But I find it really reassuring that if that dreadful day came where we lost him in a mall – we could simply track him on my Iphone (yes I know its all very Big Brother!! – but hey better than a lost and traumatised kid).

So here is a little bit about why the inventors created the Indee Watch:

We are an Auckland based family of five, living a pretty happy and relaxed Kiwi life.  Our youngest is three and oldest is nearly eleven. Last summer when planning a family camping trip, we were thinking up ways to keep our runaway three year old safe.

Around the same time, our 8 and 10 year olds wanted to explore their independence by walking to the local shops together. As well, organising after school playdates were becoming a daily occurrence often resulting in a wasted trip up to school at 3pm to collect them. If only they could call to let us know their ever-changing plans!

We both agreed that none of them were ready for the responsibility of a cellphone (and obviously not the 3yr old). With the chance that anyone could contact them, and the range of online material and apps available, we didn’t feel a cellphone was the right option. Not to mention they would lose them within a week…

So, we began to research ways that we could give our older children the independence that they craved as well as keeping track of our rather fast 3yr old.

The challenge was to find gimmick free technology that could do two things only: have a two way talk function, and GPS tracking. The INDEE Watch solved both of those problems, so the idea to bring it to New Zealand was born. After using INDEE watches extensively for months, our kids love them and the family would not be without them.

And a little about what the Indee Watch does in their words!

INDEE is your child’s first mobile phone, but with a difference. With no internet, no apps, and no gimmicks, it is a communication device used only by parents and their child.

With the simple push of a button,  your child can call you, and vice versa. GPS tracking will inform you of your child’s location, and the easily accessible SOS button will let your child contact you urgently if they are lost or in trouble.

Because INDEE is worn as a watch, it cannot be easily lost like a mobile phone can. Limited phonebook access means that no one can contact your child if their number hasn’t been approved by you.


  • A choice of 4 colours – White, Pink, Sunshine Yellow and Sky Blue.
  • A phonebook of up to 10 approved numbers only.
  • Discreet SOS emergency button that connects immediately to your cellphone.
  • Removal detection. An alert will be sent to your phone if the watch is removed from your child’s wrist.
  • GPS locator tracking within 10 metres * please read FAQ’s for more details on how the GPS function works.
  • Up to 3 days battery life (standard use).


  • Send and receive phone calls to and from the watch.
  • Locate your child from a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Send SOS alerts and emergency phone calls.


We recommend that the INDEE watch is worn by children aged 3-10yrs. (We are releasing an older kids/teen design end of February 2018).

Keep track of pre-schoolers at large outdoor public events or gatherings. Then, when your children are older, you can stay in touch with them as they walk home or wait for buses or coordinate where to pick them up. They can also flex their independence by checking with you about playdates, give you a sneaky bedtime call from a sleepover, or notify you of a change in plans such as cancelled sports.

It is a great tool to use anytime you need to be in contact with your child, or they need to contact you.


  • Because it is worn as a wristwatch, it minimises the chance of being lost.
  • The phonebook is limited to 10 parent-approved phone numbers, so there is no chance of text/phone bullying.
  • There is no access to the internet or games.
  • The set-up instructions are simple and written in NZ.
  • The support team is New Zealand based.

So the Indee Watch gets a big thumbs up from Samuel and from me!

I love the entire concept of the watch, the cool kid design, the reliability, and the fact that the owner of the company is right here in NZ so support is only a phone call or email away.

The cost is well worth it – at $129 its well worth the peace of mind which you receive when your child is wearing it.

Kirsten has kindly provided a code for free shipping when you purchase an Indee Watch.


Purchase at

Kirsten has told me that a much anticipated tween version is on the way at the end of this month….See the website for details!

What do you think of the watches? Leave a comment below.

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