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Moogoo is specially designed for sensitive skin, already well known in Australia for their products skin healing abilities and use with eczema.

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Scalp Healing Cream Conditioner - MooGoo


Paired with Moogoo Milk Shampoo help give your scalp a long lasting healthy silky shine.

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Milk Shampoo 500mL 

This was first made for a family member who had a scalp so itchy they went to bed with olive oil and cling wrap around their head. It took 6 months of trialling until we banished the cling wrap to the kitchen for good.
Our Scalp Friendly Milk Shampoo has now become one of our most popular products. Read our ‘We got mail” page to see how much it has helped people with scalp problems. We use natural ingredients combined with ingredients to control the micro-flora of the scalp that can cause scalp problems for many adults and children. pH balanced. Natural Cleansers. Bottle size is 500ml.

We are proud to show all ingredients on our website for your research, not only the prettiest ones.

Milk Shampoo

Just an update on how my scalp & skin problems are going,  ” What problem ”   Well my scalp is clear for the first time in 5 years after only using your products for a few weeks…

“Happy Jan”

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