Milk Monster the Milk Timer

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Milk Monster the Milk Timer

Over time both breast milk and formula decrease in nutritional value and develop bacteria that can be harmful for your baby. If you prepare bottled formula or breast milk you should only keep it at room temperature for a limited time . Milk Monster helps to keep your baby’s milk safe & nutritional, whilst limiting your milk waste by tracking the safe duration time of the milk as set by you! You can instantly see which milk bottle is active and track the safe drinking time remaining.


To get Milk Monster right we spent time on all aspects of the design. We know you’ll love the great features!

Find out some of the great reasons why Milk Monster is a must for all young families.


Milk Monster ? is an innovative timer product to prevent potential illness in infants through feeding formula or breast milk that has been left out too long. With parents always seeking ways to make feeding time that little bit easier Milk Monster offers a great way for mums and dads to ensure that breast or formula milk is still safe for consumption.

?SAFER – Keep you baby’s milk safer.

?NUTRITION – Maintain nutrition levels by knowing when to use your milk.

?LESS WASTE – Limit milk waste by knowing when to dispose of baby milk.

?UNIVERSAL – Fits all bottle sizes.

?GLOWS IN THE DARK – Milk Monster glows in the dark features for easy night time location.

?GREAT FOR MULTIPLES AND SIBLINGS – Colours distinguish each child’s bottle

? OR use it as a timer to count down the last time you fed to help establish routines

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1 review for Milk Monster the Milk Timer

  1. Stacey New

    I have been using this product for a couple months now. it’s so handy ! I just set the timer and pop it on the bottle, it’s Great way for hubby to know if the bottle is still ok to use or to make a new one. Also has a light so at night you can see how much time the bottle has left 🙂 definitely saving on formula as there no worry how long it has been left out

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