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Lulla Doll – Baby and Child Sleep Companion + Onesie

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Purchase your Lulla today and receive your Lulla Doll Onesie in either a Lion/Fern pattern or Unicorn/Fairy pattern ALL FOR JUST $69.95.   All great things change, and we are giving you the opportunity to purchase Lulla at this very special price until stock runs out.  Receive the Lulla Doll that hundreds of thousands of families have raved about for helping their little ones sleep for a fraction of the price. Please note this is Generation 2 – it plays for 8 hours continuously.  It just comes in one design – the doll has blue hair.

Lulla Doll Onesie

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Purchase your Lulla today and receive your Lulla Doll Onesie in either a Lion/Fern pattern or Unicorn/Fairy pattern ALL FOR JUST $69.95.   All great things change, and we are giving you the opportunity to purchase Lulla at this very special price until stock runs out.  Receive the Lulla Doll that hundreds of thousands of families have raved about for helping their little ones sleep for a fraction of the price. Please note this is Generation 2 – it plays for 8 hours continuously.  It just comes in one design – the doll has blue hair.

Please note the new ‘Lulla Generation 3’ is now available. It plays for 12 hours continuously. Check it out on our website.


Lulla was designed in Iceland after many years of scientific research which shows how closeness improves sleep, well being and safety. Playing a real heartbeat and breathing continuously for 8 hours!

Lulla’s unique patent pending design was inspired by research on kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children.

Please note we will not be selling Lulla Dolls to Australia due to our contract requirements. Please contact Sleep Tight Babies to order your Lulla Doll.

This from the creator of Lulla Doll:

Hear– When the chest is pressed, Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Her name is Gudrun, she is a dear friend, a mother of four and a Kundalini yoga teacher.

Look– Babies prefer to look at something that resembles a human face. The colors of the doll were chosen for the purpose of making the doll unisex and unirace.

Touch– The outer layer is made from soft natural cotton. The filling is made from ultra fine microfiber that is hypoallergenic.

Smell– The fabric of the doll can absorb smell from parents if they first keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for extra feeling of security.

Clean and safe– The doll is machine washable in warm water making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems.


The Lulla Doll comes with batteries for Demo purposes only … please change as soon as possible. Hold the button down on Lulla’s heart for 3 continuous seconds to activate. This is a mechanism in place to stop Lulla accidentally being turned off when your child rolls on her.  Please watch the video for further instructions.

The Lulla doll operates on 2 X AAA batteries and the developers of Lulla highly recommend the use of rechargeable batteries for both environmental and economic reasons.

The rechargeable battery life is approx 56 hours (7 days of 8 hours per day).

Good quality alkaline batteries such as Duracell Gold, Ever Ready Gold or Energiser Plus may play up to 100 hours. We have found through testing that a very reasonably priced battery from the Warehouse called Sonixcell can play Lulla for 100 hours!

Please do not use Lithium batteries with any of our battery operated products including Lulla and the Baby Shusher. By doing so you will void your warranty. Use good quality rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

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Reviews in from Australia and NZ. Lulla sells out in record time!

Very FIRST review here:

“I just wanted to say how amazing the lulla doll is and it actually works! My 20 month old has slept through the night a hand full of times and always without fail wakes up . We got the doll yesterday and immediately she loved it took to bed went straight to sleep which never happens and actually slept through the entire night with not a peep! I can’t believe it . Best money I have ever spent thank you ‘Sarah” – ChCh NZ

“Cooper (4 year old) loves it. He came in at 6am and said that his doll kept him safe, he woke up twice overnight but didn’t need to come and get us because it was like we were with him and he just snuggled his doll. WINNING!!!”

“The last 3 nights Amelia has only woken once and that was for a drink then went back to sleep, plus she is also sick with a cold ..what an amazing doll Lulla is”

“We received the lulla doll. I cannot thank you enough. It’s amazing my one year old went from waking every 40 mins to last night sleeping through. I feel like a human again. She basically sleeps on top of the doll and it’s working. So again my sanity thank you”

“Day 3 of using Lulla, and I must say I am very impressed. Amazing quality, so soft and my daughter Paige who is 9 months old has taken to her very well. She has always been a good sleeper and goes down awake. What I have found is that if she stirs a little or has a little cry, she settles and goes back to sleep and is sleeping for long periods during the day, whereas before she would wake straight up after a stir or cry. Even with her three older noisy sisters she is sleeping through. Emma x

“She usually takes much longer than under 2 mins to drop off! We’ve had continued success today I cannot rate lulla enough. My one year old was waking every 40 mins even with Co sleeping and I was at my wits end and crippled with exhaustion. I purchased Lulla as a last resort thinking that we had absolutely no hope. On the first night in her cot she woke twice and the second and third night we had a baby that slept through the night. I feel like a human again thank you so much for bringing this into my life.”

“Just thought I would share my bub’s first nap with Lulla, which is happening as I type this! She went down a little whiny but quickly settled and snuggled in (and I keep checking to make sure she’s not too close!). Our eventual goal is to move from co sleeping at night to the bassinet (she refuses to sleep with anyone but me at night!) Thanks a lot for the quick postage and excellent service, if this is a huge success I may need to buy a backup in case something happens to this one! She went to sleep in her cot with lulla, stayed asleep while I put her in the car, slept in the car, slept the while way through a crazy loud soccer lesson in a hall and slept soundly the whole way home from soccer. That has NEVER happened!”




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12 reviews for Lulla Doll – Baby and Child Sleep Companion + Onesie

  1. Katrina

    We are getting an extra 2 hours so far, I have s 12 week old who was sleeping 9 till 1 for his first stretch at night and he’s now sleeping till 3 am. I think so far this is working well, he also cuddles it and seems to be comforted by it 🙂

    • Fiona

      Fantastic Katrina, as your child bonds with Lulla you should see even more improvement. 🙂

  2. rhonda

    We went from waking every 2 hours at night, to now goin down at 8 and waling at 5

  3. Mel (verified owner)

    I swear by this doll its amazing 2yr old in big bed settles amazing with his ula as he calls it definately buying one for numer two when back in stock !! 🙂

    • Fiona

      Wonderful to hear this!!!

  4. Katherine (verified owner)

    Lulla arrived 10 minutes before my 6 month old was due for his morning nap. Gave it to him and he ended up having the longest nap he has ever had (without me resettling)! I thought that it might have been a coincidence, however he did the same for his afternoon nap! I was so impressed I ordered a second one to have as a back up! (My LO has bad reflux so vomits regularly). Thank you so much! Lulla is worth every cent!

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Fantastic to hear – we thought it was a coincidence last year too when we introduced to our then nearly 4 year old – but no…too many amazing reviews!!

  5. Alesha (verified owner)

    I must admit I was very skeptical about getting the lulla as I was sure my 8 month old was just not the best sleeper and thats just the way it was. After doing the dummy run several times a night everynight, I decided to give it a go. BEST decision ever. First night we used lulla he slept through from 6.30 to 6.30. Second night only one wake up. Lets hope this continues. Here’s to better sleeps!

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      So happy to hear Lulla has been so amazing to help with your little ones sleep.

  6. april

    Third night with lulla and my son is finally sleeping in his own cot from day one he would only sleep in bed with me and its just become to hard having him in bed with me , such a life saving and money well spent !

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Wonderful to hear this x

  7. Hayley (verified owner)

    We put our order through today, my husband and I really hope it works, we need a bit of sleep. We haven’t received a confirmation email of our purchase though?

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Sorry for the late reply – sometimes those messages of confirmation go straight to your spam box. If its not there email me at and I can check.

  8. Jess (verified owner)

    5 nights in and it hasn’t been the miracle doll that every single review I’ve read has made it out to be. Still waking several times a night. I’m hoping it’s just an adjustment and once my 6 month old gets used to and attached to the doll then maybe we will start getting some sleep out of it.
    Also I find turning the sound on and off a little tricky, not as easy as other toys that you have to push to start /stop

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Hi Jess, although we find most parents see an improvement within a few days some little ones will not bond as quickly with Lulla and it may be 2-3 weeks before you start seeing a difference. Keep the consistency up of your bedtime routine – doing the same thing every night. Lots of bonding during the day with Lulla – hugs and playing etc.

  9. Khadijah

    Cn u plz mail me wen u have more I need sleep

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Hi there we will have more stock available around the 8-10 September thanks.

  10. K J

    I was sceptical to try lulla out but after all the amazing reviews and next to no sleep for 4 months I decided to give it a go. My baby was waking 4-6 times a night and would only go back to sleep with a feed. Doctors had blamed it on a sore neck, reflux, trapped wind, and growth spurts. After spending hundreds on osteopaths, medications, sleep wedges and pro biotic products to no avail, lulla comes along and gets her down to 2 wakings a night the first night to now only ONCE within a week!!! If you have the chance to buy one DO IT, even if it doesn’t work you can easily on sell!

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Hi Kathryn thanks so much for your wonderful review on Lulla. I am so happy that Lulla has exceeded your expectations ! That is brilliant !

  11. Marika (verified owner)

    Wow!!! My husband thought I was MAD when he heard the Lulla doll for the first time.. but now he sees that they sleep right through for 12 hours with it! We have twins so I’m now going to get another one! Highly recommend.

    • Fiona (verified owner)

      Wonderful to hear this Marika – I bet your hubby is a fan now !!

  12. Fiona (verified owner)

    Our kid had become a shocking sleeper over the past month. He’s 5 months old currently. I bought a lulla doll on Friday and he has already improved so much! He is still having 40 – 60 minute naps, but it’s no longer a complete fight to get him to go to sleep. He will quietly (most of the time) lie there until sleep takes over. At night he is still up a couple of times, but nowhere near as much screaming as there has been. I watch him wake up on them monitor and drift back off. I honestly didn’t expect much and we bought one as a last resort. This will be the first thing I buy for any future kids we have. Diane – NZ / FB review

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