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Baby Loves Sleep Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit

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Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit (0.7 tog) THE ULTIMATE TODDLER SLEEP SUIT!

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Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit (0.7 tog)

THE ULTIMATE TODDLER SLEEP SUIT! The revolutionary toddler sleep suit that is designed as a single size to cover your toddler from age 1 year all the way to 3+ years.  This means you don’t have to buy another one every time your toddler has a growth spurt. A unique onesie design featuring a full inner leg/crotch zipper that offers the practicality and convenience of nappy changing without taking off the entire suit.

Give your toddler the coziest night’s sleep every night.

The much-loved SLEEPY HUGS sleep sack has evolved once again to help every excitable toddler (and their parents!) enjoy a calm, deep sleep at night.

We bring you the new  Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit featuring the genius fold-over cuffs of the HANDS IN & OUT sleep sack while adding clever harem style legs with fold-over cuffs so that feet can be out or tucked away, warm and toasty, inside the suit.

The  Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit has the same full-length opening zipper style similar to the original SLEEPY HUGS and a very clever and practical full bottom/crotch zip for super-easy nappy changes without taking off the suit.

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The  Sleepyhug Toddler Suit comes in one size!

It’s the ultimate toddler sleep suit!  This single size sleep suit will cover your toddler from age 1 all the way to 3+ years of age.

NOTE: The Sleepyhug Toddler Suit is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate bedding suitable for the seasons.

Visit our FAQ section for information about how to know if the SLEEPY HUGS is right for your baby, TOG ratings, appropriate bedding and other useful information.




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