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Baby Loves Sleep Sleepyhugs Toddler Suit WINTER NEW COLLECTION


Sleepyhugs Winter / Autumn Toddler Suit (2.0) THE ULTIMATE TODDLER SLEEP SUIT!

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Sleepyhugs Winter Toddler Suit (2.0 tog)

Keep your little one toasty warm this winter!

Our award winning Hands In & Out sleep sack now comes as a 2 TOG rated sleep sack.  What is a TOG rating? 

The Cozy Toddler suit is a clever evolution of the Sleepy hugs sleep suit to help every excitable toddler (and their parents!) enjoy a calm, deep sleep at night.

This ‘Warm’ version toddler sleep suit is designed for the cold winter season and features a unique 2TOG quilting in the signature Cozy Toddler suit style.

Our Cozy Toddler suit is the ultimate toddler sleep wear and practical alternative to pyjamas designed for the cold winter season

The Cozy Toddler suit features genius foldover cuffs on both hands and feet with anti-slip rubber dots, so your toddler can easily play and move around safely.  It also has a full-body length zip and top zipper cover for comfort, and best of all is the clever and practical full inner leg zip for super-easy nappy changes without taking off the suit.

If your toddler enjoys self-soothing with their hands, they can do this to fall asleep with the cuffs open or they can be closed to keep little fingers warm and toasty throughout the night.

Now made from soft, breathable GOTSORGANIC COTTON to keep your toddler warm and comfortable throughout the night.

The Cozy Toddler suit comes in one simple size that fits from 1 year to 3 years+.

The Hands In & Out sleep sack is available from 6-12 months to 12+ months.  Please check the size guide to help you choose the correct size for your baby.


Night time and early morning waking may be due to your baby being cold, all other factors considering. If you think about it, night temperatures drop to its lowest point sometime around 3am – 4am.  As the night temperature drops so does our internal body temperature.  Babies can lose body heat up to four times faster than an adult.  So, it’s important to maintain your baby’s room temperature.

The recommended room temperature for a baby’s room in the cooler season is 18C – 22C.  Appropriate layering is also recommended underneath any Winter TOG rated sleeping bag.




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