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This is a blend of classic natural healers including Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile. Absolutely the gentlest ingredients for regular use on baby skin. Baby Care: Nappy Cream will protect your baby’s bottom against nappy rash (diaper rash) and assists the natural healing process when skin irritations occur. Apply to a clean dry bottom at each nappy change, day and night.

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Absolute Massage Cream (organic), Aloe Vera Gel (organic), Jojoba Oil golden (organic), Calendula Oil Infused (organic), Lavender Sweet (organic), Myrrh (wild), Chamomile Roman (organic), Chamomile Matricaria (organic), Chamomile German (organic).


Beautiful Bottoms!

The softness and freshness of baby’s bottom is cared for with a protective barrier against the irritant moisture of urine. These nourishing oils are easily absorbed to nurture deliciously healthy skin.

Nappy Rash (Diaper Rash)

Added to the cream protection are wonderfully gentle therapeutic properties that will aid natural healing if the skin is irritated and inflamed.

Generic Skin Cream

Also effective for minor scrapes and skin irritations in all children. No sting, effective protection and natural healing (always apply to clean, dry skin).

Main Components
Chamomile German (organic) Chamomilla matricaria
Traditional use: to soothe & stabilize problem skin. An effective anti-inflammatory. Good for sensitive skin.
Calendula Oil Infused in Olive Oil(organic)Calendula officinalis
Traditional use: to soothe, moisturize & nourish; to assist natural healing. Suitable for all skins.
Myrrh (wild) Commiphora myrrha
Traditional use: to calm the mind; to promote natural healing of skin; to soothe.
Aloe Vera Gel (organic)
Traditional use: to soothe & cool; to heal; an antiseptic.

Traditional & Historical Information

The traditional uses listed here are for reference only and under no circumstances should they be taken as recommendations for cures or treatments for diseases or medical conditions. Therapeutic oils are used to support natural body functions and work in harmony with our body’s physiology.

Safety Considerations

This blend is professionally designed for use with infants and is very safe if applied as directed. If ingested please consult a health specialist. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Please note:
Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and well-being. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.


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