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  • Bobby the Sleeptrainer & Alarm Clock

    Bobby the Sleeptrainer & Alarm Clock Meet Bobby the Bear. An adorable and compact sleep trainer and alarm clock. Close Bobby’s eyes when it’s time to go to sleep, and they will automatically open at the time set as OK … Read More
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  • FIN – Reading Light with auto shut off by Zazu

    FIN – the super cool reading and night light for your little one. Reading light with auto shut-off FIN is a reading light and nightlight all in one. FIN is wireless and does not overheat, so it is perfectly safe … Read More
    not rated $59.95
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    LOU voice activated Night Light by Zazu

    LOU – Super cute nightlight with sound activation!!! A compact light that is powered by batteries or mains electricity. Can be left on all night or set to switch off automatically. Lights up if your child wakes up The voice … Read More
    not rated $79.95 $66.00
  • Pam Sleeptrainer, Nightlight & Wireless Speaker In One

    Pam Sleeptrainer, Nightlight & Wireless Speaker In One Sleep training. The colour of the light tells your child when it’s OK to get up. Pam will light up orange when it’s only half an hour longer and green when it is … Read More
    not rated $79.95
  • Zazu – Soft Toy Comforter with Heartbeat: Meet Don, Lizzy and Dex!

    A soft musical toy that soothes and calms babies with a range of sounds and melodies. Super soft to touch, babies will adore these comforters – simply shake to activate the sounds. Voice-activated – perfect for soothing and settling little … Read More
    not rated $69.95
  • Zazu – Tumbler Light, – Elli, Zack, and Lex

    Tumble on/off  Switch the light on or off simply by giving them a little push. Multi colour nightlight Choose your favourite colour: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise green or multi-colour. Auto shut-off  The light will automatically switch off after 30 minutes. Removable plush cover The plush … Read More
    not rated $48.95
  • Zazu Heatable Soft Toy Paul, Howy, Pip

      Your child will sleep soundly with the warm and cuddly Howy, Pip, Paul. Heatable Soft Toy, from the brand Zazu. – Stays warm for 1 hour. – Soothing lavender scent. – Can also be used as a cold pack … Read More
    not rated $45.95
  • Zazu Musical Star Projector, Kiki

    Transform the ceiling into a magical starry sky with the Kiki the Kitten Star Projector from Zazu. – Projects stars on the ceiling in 4 different color modes keep your baby entertained. – 3 different melodies can be played to … Read More
    not rated $62.95
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  • Zazu Night Light With Soothing Melodies Bo, Max, Katie

    Zazu Night Light with Soothing Melodies. Make sure your little one is soothed into a peaceful night’s rest with their forever friend, Bo the Bunny from Zazu..

    not rated $57.95
  • Zazu Reading Torch and Nightlight Gina

    Create a soothing atmosphere for your child to snooze with the Gina Torch in Grey, designed by Zazu. – Features a nightlight with 7 different colors. – Lightweight and portable design allows kids to find their way in the dark. … Read More
    not rated $48.95
  • Zazu Wall Light with Rex Fay and Otis

    Brighten up your child´s room with the Wall light in White by the Dutch brand Zazu. – Multicolored nightlight. – Fully adjustable light. – Timer with two time settings: 20 minutes and 45 minutes. – Motion sensor allows you to … Read More
    not rated $119.95
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  • Zoe the Penguin White Noise Music Box and Night-light

    Zoe the Penguin White Noise Music Box and Night-light Wireless speaker – Play songs and stories The wireless speaker allows you to play your child’s favourite music and stories. 5 pre-programmed melodies Heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sound, lounge music and … Read More
    not rated $59.95