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    Collagen Beauty Ball – Health Lab

    Introducing our super clever, protein collagen snacks containing fancy ingredients such as Marine Collagen, which thanks to being rich in  protein, is an all rounder when it comes to body, belly and beauty benefits.

    Sustainably-Sourced Marine Collagen A terrifically pure and high grade sour of collagen. You only deserve the best of course! What makes it so amazing? Most sources of collagen come from beef. Our Marine collagen is absorbed 1.5 x faster than other sources of collagen. Worried about the flavour? Fear not! It has no taste profile so you can indulge in the delish Choc Berry balls while the marine collagen works it’s magic. Did we mention it’s also 100% allergen free!

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    Kids Bliss Bomb Bites – Health Lab

    Health Lab Kids Bliss Bomb Bites I have a confession to make! Since getting these in I cannot stop the snacking – these are super delicious and Samuel loves them too!  They taste like your having a ‘naughty treat’ but … Read More
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    Probiotic Bites for Kids – Health Lab

    Probiotic Bites!

    Chewy, nourishing and delicious Apricot Probiotic Bites enriched with the gut goodness of 1 BILLION dairy free probiotics. They are also nut free, dairy free, gluten free and contain no added sugars, syrups or fruit juices.PLus the Bites taste so good that your little one won’t be suspicious of the gut loving probiotic goodness it there!

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