Help! How do I Handle Advice When I’m a New Mum

Help! How do I Handle Advice When I’m a New Mum

You’re a first time Mum and suddenly everyone’s got something to say about it! Whether you’re newly pregnant or are the proud Mum of a newborn, sorting through the well-meaning advice when you’re a new Mum can be a minefield! Whose advice can you follow? How do you tell others to back off? Which tips will suit your baby? Relax, we’ve got you covered …

Dealing with Wanted & Unwanted Advice When You’re a New Mum

Parents, in-laws, the lady at the checkout: everyone’s got something to say about what you should do. As an expecting or new Mum, it can be overwhelming to say the least. But what it all boils down to is that it is your baby and you get to make the decisions. Here’s how you can deal with all that advice …

  • Listen and nod – you don’t need to take it on board if it doesn’t sit well with you
  • Pick your battles – sometimes it’s just not worth the effort to verbally disagree with someone. Stick to your guns for the big stuff, let the little stuff slide.
  • Ask a professional – if you are not sure about the validity of a piece of advice, ask your midwife, Plunket nurse or GP. Then you’ll have back up!
  • Quote a professional – if you are getting conflicting advice, chat with a professional about what you should do. Then if someone says you should start solids at 3 months, tell them your Plunket nurse said to wait till 6 months etc.
  • Become the advice giver – if you’ve heard a different side of the story than what you’re hearing, tell the other person. You may be able to educate them.
  • Say no – there’s nothing wrong with saying that you are not going to follow someone’s advice.
  • Have a phrase ready – think about something like “I know you are trying to help, but I am happy doing things my way and I’d like you to stop telling me what to do.”

You are going to find people who feel it is their duty to tell you what to do. Mother in laws are notorious for this! It’s essential that you talk with your partner about their parenting views. Being on the same page helps prevent arguments and gives you support. Our blog is full of articles which are unbiased and do have some great advice for when you are a new mum.

We’re not going to make you read them, nor follow the advice. But they are there if you want, as are our helpful Mums in our Sleepytot Facebook Group. Check them out now!

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What is the most craziest piece of advice you have been given – go on give us a laugh!

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