Trouble Shooting for Lulla Doll

Did your Lulla doll stop working?

If your doll suddenly stopped working it is most likely a battery related issue as we do have very few faulty sound boxes returned.

When the batteries are running very low, the doll will either not turn on, shut off after a few minutes, or it could also shut off when you try to turn up the volume as that demands more battery power.

If your Lulla doll stopped working try these suggestions:

Did you hold down the heart shaped speaker button for 3-4 continuous seconds?
Try a new set of good quality batteries – not all brands are made even!
Check if the batteries are correctly inserted
Please try another fresh set of batteries- you could be dealing with faulty batteries
Try to roll your finger over the new batteries, moving them a little. This could help them catch their grip.

If nothing works, please contact us

Our warranty is 12 months for faulty sound units and dolls. If your doll is in the warranty period please send us proof of purchase and and email outlining the fault. You will need to return the faulty part to us so we can inspect the fault then send you a new part out. Unfortunately if the soundbox is tested and it works we will need to charge shipping to get it back out to you. Batteries are included and the doll uses two AA batteries for the Gen 3 version and 2 AAA for Gen 2 version.

Are the batteries a tight fit?

Rechargeable batteries can be bigger in size and some brand types might not fit the sound unit. Good quality brands that do fit the Lulla doll sound unit are for example Eneloop and Ikea rechargeable batteries.

The sound unit uses two AA batteries. You can use both alkaline and rechargeables. Do not use Lithium batteries. Please note that rechargeable batteries can be bigger in size and some brand types might not fit the sound unit. Good quality brands that do fit the Lulla doll sound unit are for example Eneloop and Ikea rechargeable batteries.

The Lulla doll sound unit can use both alkaline and rechargeable. Do not use Lithium batteries.

Introducing Lulla Doll

The doll can be placed with or near the child to give a feeling of closeness and comfort and to help the child fall asleep as well as stay asleep. Keep the doll close to your skin before giving it to the child. That way the doll can absorb your scent to give the child an added feeling of comfort and safety.

For children under 12 months it is recommended to keep the crib bare and rid of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys. The Lulla doll can be attached to the outside of the crib for children under 12 months and the attachment straps are located in the pocket on her back. The real life sounds alone can help children feel stable and safe, adding to the quality of sleep and wellbeing.

To turn on the sound press the heart shaped speaker button on the sound-unit for 3-4 continuous seconds. The sound turns off automatically in 12 hours but you can turn it off sooner by pressing the heart shaped button for three seconds again. The 12 hour timer resets every time you push it off/on.

Adjust the volume by pressing the button on the left side of the sound unit. It has three volumes and the highest is a safe 65 dB making it safe for prolonged use for children’s sensitive hearing.  When the sound is turned on it always starts on the lowest volume.

You can also turn on the sound and adjust the volume once you placed the sound unit inside the doll. We recommend placing the sound unit forward facing inside the doll and then you can press on the heart of the doll to turn her on/off and under her left arm to adjust the volume.

For all our newcomers, some great tips on introducing your Lulla Doll to your little one

INTRODUCING LULLA – no set way is the right way, it is whatever works for you and baby but here are some tips that I have mostly learnt from other mums and myself.

0-3 months

From 0-10 months old, we need Lulla to become part of the bedtime routine. It is important for Lulla to be nice and mummy/daddy smelly, wear your Lulla to achieve this. Use your Lulla Doll at every nap time and overnight sleep remembering the safe sleep guidelines mentioned below.

From 10 months on

From 10 months on, please encourage bonding with Lulla; dressing Lulla up, wrap and swaddle Lulla for bed, and cuddle Lulla. It is very important that mum and dad show how special Lulla is. Get really excited about Lulla’s arrival. She is a very special doll and will be coming to look after her owner.

It sounds weird, but we all know that children want what the parent has right? So start wearing Lulla around the house yourself, again to get that mummy / daddy yummy smell on her. (Just remember to take her out before you head outside to go to work or do the groceries!). Your child will soon realise that YOU think Lulla is pretty darn special and this is where the magic begins.

Paying Lulla lots of attention will soon make your little one want their own baby like Lulla! When this happens agree to give them Lulla only if they promise to look after her. This gives them a sense of responsibility and they will bond so much better with their new friend. It is VERY important that Lulla is included (with sounds on) in your normal bedtime routine whether that be feeding, rocking, reading, wrapping, dummy, shushing or patting. Most babies wake during their sleep cycles which occur every 20-50 minutes and quite often they are unable to resettle themselves as all the original cues that put them to sleep in the first place are now gone i.e. feeding, shushing, patting, rocking etc. Obviously older children will go into longer periods of sleep, and you may find your child waking every 2 hours and not being able to resettle themselves. This is where Lulla has helped so many families.

We need Lulla to become that cue so it is still there when your child wakes during their sleep cycle. If your child does not like lulla being close then there are a couple of things you could try and this option is also great if your baby is under 12 months and the sleeping environment needs to be kept free of all soft toys etc.

Lulla can be attached to the cot on the outside of the sleeping environment with her velcro tabs or the Generation 3 Lulla now has a beanie bottom so you can pop her on a side table next to the cot so your little one can still engage with the heartbeat and breathing but its nice and safe. You can also place the sound box with the speaker facing towards the opening of Lulla rather than Lulla’s tummy to make it slightly louder for baby to engage with the sounds and of course the other way if you think it is too loud for your little one. You can wrap the soundbox in something or tape it if the sounds are too loud.If you are patting, feeding rocking etc before you place your baby down, then have lulla snuggled up between you and baby or as close as possible. Feet down first when transferring baby to their sleep environment, which seems to stop them flailing their  8arms which could wake them.

Remember SIDS stipulate nothing in your baby’s sleeping environment for the first 12 months.

Good luck

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