Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of The New Glow Dreaming Model

We are so so excited that you have purchased the latest model of the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid. You won’t be disappointed!!

You are about to get your hands on Australia’s most successful sleep aid with a 98% success rate. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier for Glow Dreaming in New Zealand. That’s right you can not buy the Glow Dreaming anywhere else in New Zealand.

We want to be able to work with families to help them get the most out of their Glow Dreaming so we’ve attached a tips and tricks manual outlining things like best positioning, what functions to use when and best settings for various ages.

We can’t wait to hear your sleep success story.

Happy sleeping,

Click here to download the PDF guide

Here is some information about the Glow Dreaming.
Don’t be worried if in the first few days your child’s sleep regresses…eekkk!
What you are experiencing is completely normal for a number of reasons. You have introduced a new element into their sleep routine that works on their senses so sight, smell and sound and this can sometimes initially overstimulate them!
The average results are between 6-10 nights.  Most children will start to have a positive reaction to the GD within the 14 day period but obviously sometimes other children take a little longer.
For the best results the Glow Dreaming sleep aid should sit right beside them at head height so they can see it.   Make sure that the vent is pointing towards your bubs body, (while avoiding the face). If you are unable to place it on furniture next to where your little one sleeps, we have also had great success with Mums placing the Glow on a chair next to the bed or cot.
You should also be using it on the ON button overnight.  So that is 3 presses of the timer button. Your little one needs to feel comforted by that same familiar noise as they wake up through their sleep cycles which is why its important it stays on all night ? Its fine if you want to lower the pink noise as some older children are noise sensitive especially if they are not used to having some form of noise in their bedroom at night. Most babies are the opposite; they tend to sleep well in noisier environments probably because it resembles the womb experience.
We would highly recommend the light stays on dim all night (your child will get used to it), but if they are scared of it and this is becoming an issue, make sure you try to have exposure to it at least 20 minutes before bed on the highest red light before setting it to the dimmest, (for example whilst getting ready for bed and telling some stories) and then when you go to bed, just turn the red light off but keep the pink noise and humidifier going. Also make sure you are using the correct dosage of twinkles, and with older children you can try popping a wee dab on their pulse areas under their earlobes.  Here is some information about why the red light is so important.
I also find with older child telling them a story about how the Glow Dreaming sprinkles magic fairy dust on them helping them to sleep will help also!
The vapouriser in itself is a fantastic asset to the entire family.  (Its the best one we have ever used) . Here is a blog outlining the benefits of using a vapouriser with dry mist technology.   The nightlight will assist with any tricky times to come when your little one may get a little scared during the night or go through the night terrors. Here is a blog that may be of some help!
The amount of oil is also important – here is a guide:
12 weeks – 6mths 1-2 drops,

6 months – 2 years 2-4 drops,

2 years – 5 years 4-6 drops,

6 years – 8 years 6-8 drops,

8+ up to 10 drops

If you have any other questions once you have had a read of the tips and tricks don’t hesitate to contact myself or Cara the inventor of Glow Dreaming. She has helped thousands of families in NZ and Australia to a point where their little ones are sleeping more soundly with the help of the Glow Dreaming.  We are here to help you as much as we can.

We would also recommend that you go to the new Glow Dreaming Hub for help where a team member will help you as soon as they can.

I hope this helps!

Glow Dreaming is suitable for children and adults of all ages. The science and technology that powers Glow Dreaming works across all ages and genders.

Our oldest client has been 73 and our youngest less than a year. We are proud to be helping thousands of Australian families get the sleep that they need. So if you or your child have trouble staying asleep or getting to sleep then Glow Dreaming is the solution you’ve been looking for no matter how old you are.

We recommend only using water in your Glow Dreaming until baby is 3 months old.

Yes! The Glow Dreaming sleep aid uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporise water and essential oil in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist. The diffuser does not emit heat, and there is no naked flame. So it’s completely safe to leave around your very precious babies, young children even pets. The diffuser will automatically switch itself off when the water reaches a low level.

Aromatherapy is a potent natural therapy that serves to heal, harmonise and correct imbalances of the body and mind through the use of essential oils, and in each Glow Dreaming gift box you’ll find the world’s best organic therapeutic-grade essential oil.

Glow Dreaming tested hundreds of essential oil blends before selecting Twinkle Star, by Absolute Essential, for its quality and potency. Twinkle Star has been specially formulated using a blend of essential oils scientifically proven to help children sleep.

The Twinkle Star blend has been designed and produced by Dr Bo Hendgen, recognised as one of the world’s leading naturopaths. Bo has more than 20 years of experience in aromatic medicine, osteopathy and naturopathy, and runs the Absolute Essential Holistic Healthcare Clinic for general practice, maternity and early years, plus adult and childhood osteopathy.

Twinkle Star is made with the gentlest plant strains most suited to infant sensitivities. Children find the softly sweet aroma deeply reassuring and relaxing, helping them to drift off to sleep more easily. It also gives respiratory support for good deep breathing, which can make all the difference to snuffly, unsettled children.

Twinkle Star Organic Essential Oil brings together the best-quality oils in the perfect blend for Glow Dreaming to help your child get the most restful sleep. There are however a lot of Essential oil blends and fragrant blends that are not good for your little one to be inhaling.

The Twinkle Star Organic Essential oil that Glow Dreaming recommends is 100% Organic and perfectly safe to use in our sleep aids for your little ones. Here at Sleepytot we recommend that you start using your Twinkles at 12 weeks of age. Before that water in the unit is still beneficial for unblocking those little noses.

The quantity guide for your Twinkle Star Organic Essential Oil is as follows.

  • 12 weeks to 6mths 1-2 drops
  • 6mths – 2yrs 2-4 drops
  • 2yrs – 5yrs 4-6 drops
  • 6yrs – 8yrs 6-8 drops
  • 8+ up to 10 drops

These quantities are to be placed into a full 500ml tank which will see your Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid continuously run for approximately 8-10 hours. Please DO NOT exceed the 500ml maximum water level.

That’s a tough one to answer but if used according to recommended quantities and used every day once a day we would expect your oil to last between 2-3 mths. We also offer bundle deals for purchasing 2 or more Twinkles, or you can also swap one out with the Baby Nose and Chest which is made by the same company Absolute Essentials (made right here in NZ!).

That’s right, Glow Dreaming are so committed to help with your families sleep they have set up a dedicated Parents Hub where you can learn more about the Glow Dreaming, and even contact staff that are specialised in this area and can tweak your settings if you are not getting the results you expected. This handy tool is on the Glow Dreaming Australian page. If you have purchased the Glow Dreaming through us, and need to contact us about anything after reading all the material in the Parents Hub, please email

Here is the link for the Parents Hub