Differences Between Vapourisers

Differences Between Vapourisers

Here at Sleepytot, we sell the Essentials in a Box Ultrasonic Vapouriser and the Bloom Ultrasonic. I have used both of these personally and it’s the ones I haven chosen to stock for the following reasons:

    1. They are compact so great for traveling, but still pack a powerful punch when it comes to emitting vapours


    1. No condensation!


    1. Energy wise – power consumption is low so its good for your pocket


    1. They don’t produce so many vapours that it ends up making your child’s room freezing cold and moist


    1. They are safe – pop your hand over the vapours; its fine as its cool to touch


    1. They work! – my little guy gets chronic croup and since using a vapouriser at the first sign of a cough, he has never had to go to hospital to get steroids. The cough never gets any worse and its done and dusted in a couple of days.


  1. Unlike a large Humidifier, these vaporisers works on the vibration of the water creating ultra-fine particles at a speed of 2.4Mhz.  This allows you to place essential oils in with the water to experience the therapeutic benefit of essential oils in their purest forms.  Aromatherapy being one of the oldest natural therapies in the world is beneficial and used throughout the world in its’ purest form. Humidifiers use ultrasonic high frequency oscillation at a much lower speed which is the reason why they won’t diffuse pure essential oils.  As far as congestion is concerned, the essential oils play a very big part in alleviating congestion or respiratory issues.

You can also see a blog about the benefits of using a vapouriser for the entire family here.

So what is the difference between the 2 that we sell?

Firstly the Essentials in a Box Ultrasonic Vapouriser:

    • Comes in blue, pink, and white.


    • Acts as an air purifier, an ioniser, an aroma diffuser and a night lamp


    • There is no condensation because there’s no heating element.


    • Size approx 18 cm x 13 cm.


    • The Ultrasonic wave technology works on the vibration of the water creating ultra-fine particles at a speed of 2.4Mhz.  Those water vapors are dispersed into the atmosphere to add moisture to the environment. What this means, basically, is that there is cool air coming out of the system and not hot air like in the older fashioned humidifiers. So, there is no condensation on the wall, no dripping wet windows, no mould, no bacteria forming on furnishings. This is especially important in a nursery where mould can get into the lungs and cause allergies.


    • Has 6 lighting colours that can rotate or be set on the one colour or be switched off. So, with the night lighting function, it can have up to 6 different colours. Please note that even with the night light switched off the vapouriser has a little operating light which glows blue through the unit and at the dial. If you want to sleep in complete darkness we would recommend the Bloom or the Glow Dreaming.


    • The unit is quiet, (although does have a bubbling noise which is quite tranquil) compact and really attractive to have in the nursery or the children’s bedroom or your own bedroom.


    • The little nozzle at the top of the ultrasonic vapouriser can be turned and this allows you to choose the direction in which you want the cool air to come out at.


    • To fill up the ultrasonic vapouriser is really simple. You need to remove the clear lid at the top and fill it till the fill line. Don’t exceed past the max fill line.


    • There are automatic safety features that ensure that the vapouriser switches off when the water has finished.


    • So you can basically go about your day and not be concerned about it. Of course, we do recommend that you check the water level before you go to bed at night.


  • Lasts for around 8 hours on full heat, and around 12 hour on intermittent setting. It has the feature that allows you to choose the strength of the air flow coming out of the system which is something that the Aroma Bloom doesn’t have.

The Aroma Bloom: Features and Comparison 

    • The Aroma Bloom is the latest vapouriser to be added to our range. It is extremely stylish, with bright beautiful colours.


    • Currently in NZ we have the Charcoal, Lime and Fushia – more colours may follow


    • It is also an aroma diffuser, an ioniser, a humidifier and a night light.


    • The difference between the two night lights is that the Bloom’s light is very calm and simulated to one’s breathing so, it goes in and out.


    • The Aroma Bloom uses a white LED light and you can change the light intensity but you can’t change the colour like you can with the ultrasonic vaporiser. It has no operating light so if you like sleeping in complete darkness this may be your best bet.


    • It’s size is 15 cm x 24 cm so it is a higher unit but in the shape of a vase.


    • The water load is 200mls and operates at 2.4mhz/sec so around the same as the essentials in a box ultrasonic vaporiser.


    • The Bloom stays at a high intensity of 2.4 mhz/sec and operates up to 8 hours of continual mist mode and up to 18 hours on the intermittent range.


    • Both offer a continual and intermittent option.


    • Both carry a 12-month warranty.


  • No condensation

Basically, the main difference between the 2 items is the design! Both have an intermittent on-off feature which extends the timeline of the mist working. Both have a nightlight though the Essentials in a Box Ultrasonic Vapouriser really does work like a night light. You have different colour nightlights to choose from, the bloom doesn’t have. You basically get a low, medium or high or the breathing simulation which is really relaxing. Both use electricity. Both are the same price point. There are obvious differences in the look and design of the systems. Both have the safety feature that once the water runs out, the system automatically turns itself off. If you are wanting a complete sleep aid which combines an ultrasonic vapouriser, white noise and amber / red light to promote sleep check out our new Glow Dreaming – the ultimate sleep aid.


And lastly….a cautionary tale about oils! – Only use these Vapourisers with 100% pure essential aromatherapy oils.  The Ultrasonic Vaporisers will only work with pure essential oils.  If you place a liquid formulated with alcohol oils in these units, you will destroy the unit.  We do not recommend any other liquid for our units except for essential oils.  It will not tolerate alcohol or any other liquid combination except for essential oils. Note that some store bought oils contain alcohol!  We would not recommend children and babies inhaling a combination of alcohol and essential oils! We would recommend you stick with just water for babies under 3 months as their respiratory systems are still maturing.

A word from Jordan.  Jordan from With the Whittakers very kindly did a video explaining the differences as she has used both.  This is what she said.

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