My Baby Won’t Sleep Through the Night – So What?

Everyone knows babies should sleep through the night by one month old. Actually, I made that up. In our lives as parents, we’re bombarded with messages. Some of them are accurate and some are total rubbish. We’re also subjected to plenty of ‘evidence’ from other parents who compare their kids to ours and vice versa.  One of these biggies is about the baby who won’t sleep through the night. Maybe you have one of these? I sure did and some nights I still do. I want to reassure you that it’s okay if your young child doesn’t sleep through the night. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, nor is there anything wrong with your child.

Your Baby Won’t Sleep Through the Night – So What?

Have you ever noticed that everyone is an expert when it comes to sleeping babies? There’s always someone with a theory on what you should be doing or why you’re doing it wrong. I’m sad to say that even some medical professionals also try to force their opinions on us even when there is no research to say they are correct. That’s not to mention all the books and websites full of advice about what’s normal or not! You are best ignoring the helpful advice from the other Mums in your baby group and concentrating on what’s right for your baby. If they don’t sleep through the night till 12 or even 18 months of age, that is still normal too!

There are plenty of great sleep aides you can use to help get and keep your baby sleeping longer, even if they won’t sleep all night long, including:

4 Myths to Ignore About Baby Sleeping

I couldn’t resist adding in these four myths which have been going around for years. They are so widespread that some parents even take them as fact. I suggest you read them and laugh!

  1. Keep your baby awake during the day so they’ll sleep at night. Nope, doesn’t work like this. Overtired babies are even harder to get to sleep and keep asleep.
  2. All babies can sleep through the night by four months old. Rubbish! This depends on a truck load of factors such as temperament, health and developmental delays.
  3. If you breastfed, your baby won’t sleep through the night. While it is true breastmilk digests faster than formula, it is not the only factor as to why a baby won’t sleep through the night.
  4. Feed your baby solids early to get them sleeping better. Back in the days of our great grandparents, this was thought to be a medical fact and Mums were encouraged to begin feeding solids at 6 weeks of age.

I encourage you to come and join our Facebook group. Not only will you get reassurance that your baby is not the only one not sleeping, but you’ll get the support and empathy from other Mums too. It really is a great place to be.

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