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Sleepytot Baby Comforters or soft toys

Is your baby regularly waking through the night?  Toddler or pre-schooler refusing to go to sleep at bedtime?

If you’ve been getting up several times during the night to replace her soother, or madly looking for lost dummies in the dark, then a Sleepytot comforter is the solution for you.

They have hook and loop tabs on the paws so you can attach them to the cot bars in the early days, keeping them safely out of baby’s reach.

Later when baby gets more mobile and you know it’s safe, pop a dummy (or four) on the paws and your baby will never need you to find the dummy at night again.

Sleepytots work, check out all our testimonials and our Facebook Page.

Are you struggling getting your baby to sleep, or is your baby waking regularly?

Our products can help!

The baby shusher is a magic little device which is now rated by newborn photographers worldwide as their number 1 tool to get their little customers off to sleep for their photo shoots.  Now that is a great testament! Not only will it settle your baby very quickly and form a positive sleep association, it is the only white noise device that is loud enough that can gently break a babies crying spell. Purchase yours here.

The Lulla Doll, is an award winning sleep aid designed to comfort babies, toddlers and even older children with its real heart beat and breathing for 8 hours. No wonder it was named the best comforter in the UK in 2017 and the best new baby product in NZ!  There are so many reasons this little doll succeeds – you can read more here.

A One Stop Shop!

What ever you need for your little one, we stock it!

From health products such as ultrasonic vapourisers, (no condensation!), essentials oils, the Glow Dreaming Ultimate Sleep Aid, to Sleeping Bags and Swaddles, Nightlights and Sleep Training Clocks.

We have also just introduced a section for your childs ear and eye protection, travel products and eating products.

We are a small family business and offer same day postage and personable service. We have tried and tested all of the products we stock and I NEVER mind a call from any mum after advice on sleep or anything else for that matter!  I have a wonderful and supportive parents  group we would love you to join with over 8000 mums that can offer helpful and non-mcjudgy advice. We also have regular sales of end of line products, seconds (including Lulla Dolls) and offer you the chance to review some new products.

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What our customers say….

Our wee princess had reflux and needed a dummy to settle at night.

When she woke during the night she would scream for her dummy so in and out of the room we would go…all night! Since her sleepytot arrived she still wakes but is able to find her sleepytot and dummy and settle herself…now we all sleep well, thank you.

Daniel and ClaireChristchurch

My Daughter loves her sleepytot and loved it from day one. She use to wake during the night when she couldn’t find her dummy and it was usually on the floor, now she just feels around for her cuddly sleepytot and falls back to sleep.

Definitely recommend to all :-)

BrigetNew Zealand

My daughter LOVES her Sleepytot!! And I love it because I no longer have to find her dummy for her!! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who uses a dummy!!

I would also thoroughly recommend the Baby Sleep Consultant! Thanks to her, we now have a 7 month old who sleeps 12 hours at night!

Super fast delivery!!! Got our Sleepytot last week and my son loved it instantly. No more crying out for lost dummy in the middle of the night, he just loves it 😉

Highly recommend!!

Sarah KershawNew Zealand

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Baby Sleep Consultant is there to offer solutions to all your baby’s sleep problems, at an affordable rate. Choose the sleep package that is right for you, and together you can solve all your baby or child’s sleep issues.

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