Fiona Boodee

Fiona Boodee

Director Cuddle Me Baby Ltd

NZ distributor of Sleepytot


I am mum to 13 year old Georgia, and 1 year old Samuel.

Thirteen years ago I had the same problem Lucy did when Georgia would wake up about once every two hours for her dummy to be replaced. Unable to find a product on the market that would help, Georgia ended up going cold turkey on the dummy causing a few nights of separation anxiety from her much loved soother!

Fast forward 13 years and I encountered the same problem with Samuel. We were getting up at all hours of the night to replace his dummy only to be woken up during his next sleep cycle. I ended up searching the Internet where I came across Sleepytot in the UK.

One Sleepytot later, our lives changed overnight and we now have one very contented wee boy who can find his comforter and dummy during the night, and mummy and daddy have a peaceful nights sleep.

My dream for Sleepytot NZ is to share this wonderful product with other sleep deprived parents, and to eventually bring Sleepytots other amazing products to New Zealand.

About Us – Update – June 2017

Gosh I thought it was about time I updated this as Sleepytot NZ has now been operating for 5 years!

Since that time I have accumulated other amazing sleep products; the Lulla Doll (8 hours of heartbeat and breathing which imitates a parent at rest), the incredible Baby Shusher – the baby sleep miracle, Easynight Blackout Blinds, The Gummee Glove for teething babies and their new teething range from newborn to big toddlers, Glow Dreaming – the ultimate sleep aid, Milk Monster Timer and the Sleepyhugs Swaddle. Phew!!

Not to mention other beautiful products which I retail on my site – all designed to help your little peeps sleep. I source all my products very carefully and have either used them myself or they have come at very high praise from one of my good friends.

I gave up my day time job last year to focus on the business. Prior to Sleepytot I worked as a Detective with the NZ Police. Its fair to say, my business has been a huge learning experience for me, and I have meet the most amazing people (customers, and other business owners). I feel really proud of my business and that I can still provide my customers one to one personal customer service (email, online chat or text message). I truly have a passion to help families in those difficult periods when they are so sleep deprived and a tad stressed due to their little ones not sleeping. I am fortunate that I have a great relationship with some very experienced Sleep Consultants, and so I am able to pass on valuable advice to my customers.

Samuel is now nearly 6 years old, and Georgia is 18!  My advice for new parents out there ‘Remember all those first smiles, goohs and gaa’s, hugs, words and lock them in your heart. The time really goes so quickly you will look back in time and be astounded how life can get away on you.’

I am not sure what the next few years hold for Sleepytot NZ, but you can be sure I will be there if you ever need an honest chat about which product or service may suit your family situation.


me and samuel Me and Samuel2


Lucy Fitzgerald

Founder of Sleepytot

Lucy is a mum to three boys, Laurie, Frankie and Dominic. She is based in Appledore, a little fishing village on the north Devon Coast.

Sleepytot began back in 2006 when Lucy’s first baby, Laurie, was born. On the steepest learning curve of her life, she was getting to grips with parenthood and teaching Laurie to sleep through the night. All seemed to be going well until Laurie reached about 5 months old, and she was suddenly faced with the dreaded dummy runs.

Other than the fact that he needed Lucy to locate the dummy for him every time he woke (about 5 times a night!) things were beginning to fall into place and Lucy could see that Laurie was sleeping well and feeling safe and secure in his world.

Not strong enough to jump in with two feet and remove the dummy, Lucy set about creating a solution which would mean Laurie could use his soother independently. He needed something soft and loveable that was perfectly safe, that was easy for him to hold, and that she could attach dummies to, but also take them off to wash and replace easily. And of course it needed to be machine washable!

A long search for what she was looking for proved that there was nothing available to solve her problem and so Lucy set about creating her own product… and Sleepytot was born.

Since then, the Sleepytot Bunny has been helping children and tired parents all over the world sleep soundly through the night.

Sleepytot has recently been bought by Julie and Jon Batten who have some very exciting new developments for the Sleepytot brand, and its world famous bunny.