Collagen Beauty Ball – Health Lab
Introducing our super clever, protein collagen snacks containing fancy ingredients such as Marine Collagen, which thanks to being rich in  protein, is an all rounder when it comes to body, belly and beauty benefits.

Sustainably-Sourced Marine Collagen A terrifically pure and high grade sour of collagen. You only deserve the best of course! What makes it so amazing? Most sources of collagen come from beef. Our Marine collagen is absorbed 1.5 x faster than other sources of collagen. Worried about the flavour? Fear not! It has no taste profile so you can indulge in the delish Choc Berry balls while the marine collagen works it’s magic. Did we mention it’s also 100% allergen free!… Read More

Probiotic Bites for Kids – Health Lab

Probiotic Bites!

Chewy, nourishing and delicious Apricot Probiotic Bites enriched with the gut goodness of 1 BILLION dairy free probiotics. They are also nut free, dairy free, gluten free and contain no added sugars, syrups or fruit juices.PLus the Bites taste so good that your little one won’t be suspicious of the gut loving probiotic goodness it there!… Read More

ErgoCocoon Summer – Bamboo TOG 0.2

Cocoon Swaddle Bag…the New Generation Zip Up BABY SWADDLE! An easy option for swaddling, help your baby feel secure and snug with stretch bamboo fibre fabric.  The ergoPouch Cocoon allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that … Read More

Turtle Timer Night Light – Baby Zoo

Turtle Timer Night Light – Baby Zoo His name is ‘Gus’. He’s a turtle and a night light. Press his turtle shell and his light turns on. Carry him around the house and take him to bed at night. This … Read More

Transitional SwaddleOut – Embe

Is baby trying to roll over or wiggle their arms free? The embé® Transitional SwaddleOut™ safely helps baby transition from the Starter Collection to the next phase of development. Hidden snaps in the arm sleeves allows for traditional swaddling with … Read More

Can Do Cup by Little Luca

Research shows that the next transition from breast and/or bottle is to learn to drink from an open cup at age 1.
The CanDoCup helps with learning this ability and has the following unique features:
– The ergonomic patented shape helps the child to hold the cup easily
– The 3 legs assures an easy grip and stability and let adult help if needed
– It has a inward curving lip which prevents spilling and assures that not too much liquid is let flow at once
– The transparant CanDoCup makes it easier to see the amount of liquid consumed… Read More

Embe 2-way Starter Swaddle

Embe 2-way Starter Swaddle Swaddling summer babies can be a challenge, as they burst out of muslin and other fitted swaddles can feel too warm. The embé 2-way Swaddle features a unique Legs In / Legs Out design that allows … Read More

Lulla Doll + AuCuTee S5 White Noise Bundle

SAVE on our biggest selling sleep aids in NZ and purchase a bundle package.  Lulla Doll can be worn by mum initially to create those comforting smells for your baby. Lulla plays real-life heartbeat and breathing for 8 continuous hours reminding baby of sleeping next to you.

The AuCuTee White Noise device lulls your baby to sleep with your choice of 20 Smooth and Soothing Sounds – suitable from newborns to the elderly. Includes White Noise, Pink Noise, Cracking fire, Clock ticking, Train, Crickets, Frogs, Birds, Rain, Thunderstorm, Stream, Ocean, Shush, Womb Sound, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, Lullaby 3.  Built-in battery provides more than 10 hours playing time after 2 hours recharge.

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Michelle, Australia

I bought two Sleepytots, a small and a large. Both of my little ones are quite different with one being right into her dummies and the other not taking one at all. They both love them! One wears a dummy … Read More

Abby, New Zealand

We love our bunny, highly recommended, so glad I got 2 as my wee girl is only 4 months old and loves sleepytots  .

Lisa Hawes, Christchurch, New Zealand

We love our bunny too! We have had many sleepless nights over the last couple of months and recently brought our sleepytot bunny and really is amazing! Pretty much from night one our daughter is now sleeping through the night! … Read More

Justine, Christchurch, New Zealand

I highly recommend Sleepytot’s (which is rare), my bubba has been using her’s non stop since it arrived and wont give him up.Beautifully presented, very soft and baby friendly, and is safe to use. A++++

Daniel and Claire, Christchurch, New Zealand

Our wee princess had reflux and needed a dummy to settle at night. When she woke during the night she would scream for her dummy so in and out of the room we would go…all night!  Since her sleepytot arrived … Read More

Louise, New Zealand

I am so pleased I brought my son a sleepytot , it worked straight away and I no longer have to put a dummy in his mouth as he locates the sleepytot and finds one of two dummies that I … Read More

Rochelle, Kidspot Review, New Zealand

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the opportunity to trial the Sleepytot via Kidspot. It has made a huge difference to our family and after almost two years we are getting some decent sleep!  I … Read More

Tamryn, New Zealand

My daughter LOVES her Sleepytot!! And I love it because I no longer have to find her dummy for her!! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who uses a dummy!! I would also thoroughly recommend the Baby Sleep Consultant! Thanks … Read More

Claire, Christchurch

Thank you so much for the personalised delivery of our sleepytot.  Another proud purchaser. I’m pleased to say it works a dream and no more dummy runs in the night for us. You are a lifesaver!

Kidspot review, New Zealand

Miss 18 months sleep had definitely improved after getting the Sleepytot we had a run of nearly a week of nights without her joining us in the middle of the night, with her sleeping through consistently for the first time … Read More

Guest Member,Kidspot, New Zealand

My little man (7 months) loves his sleepytot, he now will not go to sleep without it. He doesn’t use a dummy so uses the ears to chew on when he needs comfort.  Also with him teething I’ve been able … Read More

jjsmum, Kidspot review, New Zealand

Thank you so much for sending my son a Sleepytot to review.  He is 2.5years old and is constantly losing his dummy in his bed. We had the odd night where the dummy would stay on the Sleepytot and that … Read More

ZoeA, Kidspot Review New Zealand

Well, my nearly 8 month old Lachlan was quite excited when he received his new cuddly toy. It has a lovely soft feel so he instantly began rubbing it against his face. I loved the fact that I could Velcro … Read More

Skeetylee, Kidspot Review, New Zealand

Was super excited to get home to a parcel at the door with a sleepytot for Miss nearly 18 months to try and just in time for her afternoon nap too! Its so cute and snuggly and she was keen to give … Read More

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