My 3.00am co-sleeping little Zombie

Just lately, our 3 year old has turned into a Zombie.

Around 3.00am every morning, we hear the pitter patter of Zombie feet strolling down the hallway towards our bedroom.

The door opens and closes again ever so quietly. Nothing is said by the Zombie; no growling, moaning or slobbering.

He propels himself without grace up onto the king size bed and settles in for the night.

For the next 3-4 hours my husband and I play musical beds.  Normally one of us gets fed up with the Zombies foot in face, snoring, farting or general bad behaviour expected of such creature and leaves the king size bed for the freedom of the single bed said Zombie has just left.

The other one is left being chased around the king size bed by the crazed Zombie who is intent on sticking to your side no matter how many times you get up and switch sides to have a peaceful sleep.


How did we let this happen? The Zombie has settled into this routine quite nicely, and there appears to be no coming back from it.

The only thing that saves the Zombie is the morning sunshine that sneaks in through the corners of the blinds and wakes up the creature. He cups your face in his beautiful pudgy hands and says ‘wakey wakey mummy, I love you; time to get up’.

Who else has a co-sleeping Zombie?

Any tips on getting them back into their own bed?

I think we just need to be a little more strict, as his sleep training clock and his black out blinds work great…we just need to keep him there in the first place. So difficult when you just want to zzzzzzzz!

Zazu Sam Sleep Trainer Clock


Easynight Portable Blackout Blind

Easynight Portable Blackout Blind