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Is the Swaddle Getting A Bad Wrap?

Here is a great blog from ErgoPouch about the swaddle.  Trends seem to change so often; one day swaddling is in the other it’s out! In 2012 a study was published looking at the traditional straight-leg swaddling model in neonatal rats. The study concluded that, “Straight-leg swaddling was demonstrated to increase the prevalence of developmental […]

WIN an ErgoPouch Swaddle of your choice!

Oh who wouldn’t want to win one of these beautiful organic cotton swaddles for their baby?   Sleepytot NZ has a wonderful range of soft and breathable Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino swaddles and sleep bags for your baby, toddler and child.   Click here to WIN   Or if you can’t wait, you can purchase here! […]

My 3.00am co-sleeping little Zombie

Just lately, our 3 year old has turned into a Zombie. Around 3.00am every morning, we hear the pitter patter of Zombie feet strolling down the hallway towards our bedroom. The door opens and closes again ever so quietly. Nothing is said by the Zombie; no growling, moaning or slobbering. He propels himself without grace […]